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Never Blame the Victim. The stigma of sexual assault belongs to the attacker, not the person – most often a girl or woman – who was assaulted. It’s not shameful to have been sexually assaulted. It’s shameful and criminal to sexually assault someone.

Victim blaming and sexual assault myths are perpetuated by the failure of the justice system to convict men who commit sexual assault. Judges must understand and apply the law of consent, and the rape shield law. Police systems must take all women’s complaints seriously. That includes quick action when families of First Nations, Métis and Inuit report a missing woman or girl.

Tell your MP it’s time for action. You can send any of the tweets below to your MP, and attach the video She carries your blame or any of the infographics. Select the tweet, click on the image and then enter your postal code. To send one to Prime Minister Trudeau, use the postal code: H2P 1W8. Or get on Twitter and send your own message with the hashtag #NeverBlametheVictim.