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Check Out How Dental Hygiene Affects Your Health

You are constantly hearing just how important it is and about hygiene. But did you know that it isn’t only important because of the effects it has on gums and your teeth? Dental hygiene is also significant because of the consequences it has on your health. First things first, what is dental hygiene? By brushing [&hellip


Things to Expect During Dental Implant Treatment

It is highly possible that you could know and their expertise has been favorable. Implants may be great for replacing missing teeth for handling tooth loss, and this therapy is becoming the standard. How do you know what to expect and more about the treatment? What’s a Dental Implant on How Does This Work? implants [&hellip


Single Dental Implants for a Missing Tooth or Teeth

Teeth are lost due to disease or trauma. Trauma can arrive in the form of an accident or forces. The disease is tooth decay or periodontal disease [gum disease] but there are different types such as cancer and various neoplasms of the jaw which may result in tooth loss. Studies indicate that more than 50% [&hellip