The Rose Campaign of Canada and our affiliates provide direct care to more than 100,000 animals annually –more than any other animal welfare organization–through our sanctuaries, veterinary programs, and emergency aide dissertation shelters and rescues. We work to professionalize the field of animal care with our education and training applications.

While we come to the aid of animals in crisis, we also attack the root causes of issues. Our most important aim is to prevent animals from getting into situations of distress in the first location. We drive transformational change for animals–bringing a broad set of tools to have the biggest fights, facing multibillion-dollar businesses and staying the course until we reach reform.

Rose Campaign has kept the exact same entrepreneurial enthusiasm and values from our creators. We hold onto the heritage of remaining nimble and providing excellent client services. Our group of 27 partners and 180 professional staff is here to help companies translate numbers into smart business payer pour faire mes devoirs decisions.

By amassing our collective power, Rose Campaign strives to create a more profound impact by giving back and serving our community. We adopt the power of change and adaptability by welcoming new technology advancements. With three offices in the NY/NJ metropolitan region, our staff could be anywhere and everywhere.