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When to Schedule Maintenance Work in Wet and Cold Climates

North America has a Mediterranean climate zone that includes most of California, Oregon, and a portion of western Nevada. This climate brings cool, rainy winters and warm, dry summers. Nevertheless, many days will still be overcast, cool, and wet in several of these places. With these weather conditions, residential or commercial properties need to be treated with some TLC. Several maintenance and repair work can be done during warm, bright summer months. However, some are also necessary during the damp months. When to Arrange Maintenance Work Although you can set up residential or commercial property cleaning and repair work anytime, there are tasks best done at specific times of the year. Property maintenance is needed to extend structures’ lifespan and avoid health and safety hazards. For best results, hire professional contractors to do the task. Garbage Chute Cleaning Summer is the very best time to get these chutes cleaned. When the temperature rises, debris from the chutes rot faster and stinks. The odor brings in bugs and rodents, and these pests can spread bacteria that breed there. Nevertheless, this still depends on how many people use the chutes and if they are used to dispose of rotting food and animal waste. For proper upkeep, constantly check with city guidelines and expert cleaners. Roof Inspection, Cleanup, and Repair Roofs take so much beating because of rain, snow, hail, etc. In places where it’s usually cloudy and wet, roof moss tends to grow fast on roof shingles and the spaces in between. If these are ignored, much damage, like leaks and mold, will follow. Summer months allow for better cleaning when roof moss gets brittle due to the fact that there is less water in the air. Once gotten rid of, damage can be more noticeable and less complicated to repair. According to metal carport repair companies in Portland, a clean roof can also expose problems with rain gutters and downspouts. Hardscape Deep Clean Dirt, algae, and lichen love driveways, pathways, and other hardscape areas. These can be really slippery when wet. Power washing is an effective method of removing these to avoid accidents and an unsightly view. The perfect time for hardscape cleaning is during the spring and summer months. When the rains come, algae and lichen will start growing again. Expert cleaners can blast away the growth, and earth-friendly options are offered if cleaning solutions are needed. Dryer Vent Clearing Lint buildup is among the most common causes of dryer fires. An annual cleaning is recommended to make sure that mishaps are avoided and that clothes dryers are working efficiently. This is best done during late summer and early autumn. Because of the warm air from dryer vents, birds that inhabit wet climates choose them to nest in. When it gets cooler, birds begin migrating and leave their nests. Laundry vent cleaning companies in Portland prefer it that way for less complicated cleaning and inspection. This is also to prepare the vents for drying heavier winter clothes. Parking Garage and Fleet Washing Mud and dust are present all year. If you manage a fleet of trucks, vans, etc., expert cleaners can help keep them clean. Industrial equipment cleaning services in Portland are readily available all year round with the use of mobile power washing equipment. These cleaners can also deal with parking garages. A deep cleaning twice a year targets deep-seated grease and grime that can trigger mishaps. Contractors utilize power washers, eco-friendly degreasers, and hot water. They also ensure the extraction and correct disposal of wastewater that can contaminate the lakes and oceans. The Bottomline Professional cleaning and maintenance are recommended for residential and business properties in the Mediterranean climate zone. With quick and extensive service work, these contractors can let you enjoy all four seasons. If your property is safe and well-maintained, whether there is sun or rain, you can have peace of mind.