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Cosmetic Dental Treatments: Worth Every Single Penny

Several reasons make cosmetic dental treatments expensive:

  1. Trained experts perform the services. These dentists devote years to studying to perfect their skills and techniques.
  2. These experts use expensive but highly specialized equipment and tools that are also pricey to maintain.
  3. Third-party suppliers’ medication and other dental products add to the expenses.

You may be reluctant as soon as you know the costs if you are considering a procedure. Before you shake your head and back out, know there is more than meets the eye with these treatments.

What is the function of cosmetic dentistry?

Treatments are cosmetic when it involves aesthetic enhancements. Cosmetic dentistry is more than enhancing someone’s smile and giving back lost self-esteem. It also fixes spaces between teeth, misshapen and misaligned teeth, or cracked teeth. 

Nevertheless, cosmetic dentistry, most of the time, overlaps restorative dentistry. A restorative dentist’s goal is to give you fully functioning teeth. A cosmetic dentist intends to give the patient a perfect smile but, at the same time, also fixes the teeth’s function. These promote overall health by giving the patient the ability to get complete nutrition and protect the bones and gums. 

Types of Cosmetic Dental Procedures

There is a lot that falls under the classification of cosmetic dentistry. There are teeth whitening procedures or changing your old silver and blemished teeth fillings with natural-looking material. Some are expensive; however, the changes are more substantial and possibly life-changing. Why not click on https://azuredentalsf.com/dental-implants/ for more on cosmetic treatments?


There are different kinds of implants, some can replace a single tooth, and some replace a full set. Implants can be pricey, but plenty of benefits come with them. Patients who choose implants are given a smile to last almost a lifetime. They protect you from jaw bone deterioration, sagging facial muscles, and gum disease. Based on the cost of dental implants in San Francisco, CA, they can cost approximately $2000 for a single tooth up to around $30,000 for full mouth reconstruction.


Veneers can give the patient a renewed sense of confidence and other advantages. They are priced at a whopping $1000 to $2500 per tooth; however, these need low maintenance. They feel and look natural. Veneers are customized shells. They are specifically designed to cover the front surface of teeth. These shells are sealed and fixed to the front of the teeth to alter their color, shape, or size. These cover chips, cracks, and discoloration and protect the teeth from damage.


As the name suggests, these clear braces are the modern-day take on the standard ones. The advantages include convenience and safety, without sharp metal edges and loose brackets. They are detachable, which makes them easier to clean, lessening the odds of bacterial growth. For $4000 to $7000, the dentist will provide a series of trays that will fix alignment based on a treatment plan.


Dental crowns come in various types, from $500 to $3000 per tooth. Materials used can be gold, ceramic, or zirconia. Crowns are advised after a root canal if the tooth is severely worn out or weakened. These cover badly discolored or misshapen teeth or hold a cracked tooth together. If you need more info, visit sites for reliable dental clinics, like Azure Dental

The Takeaway

All the procedures described can guarantee the perfect smile and advantages that protect the patient’s health and confidence. After a consultation, ask your dentist to give you all the pros and cons of recommended cosmetic treatments. Investing in dental health may be overwhelming but will contribute to your physical and mental well-being for a long time.