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Dental Implants as Ideal Solution for Missing Teeth

The most advanced method for the restoration of teeth is the dental implant. A small titanium rod (the actual implant) is connected to a dental crown which feels and looks natural. When you use this technique to replace your tooth, only the crown is seen whenever you smile or speak. The implant’s titanium post is fixed into the jawbone at the point of the tooth’s old root.

A few crowns or an entire arch of either upper or lower replacement teeth can be secured with two, four, or more implants. Patients and doctors prefer dental implants to replace one, a few, or all teeth.

Why choose dental implants?

It’s not attractive to have missing teeth in your smile, which could harm your health. Implants aren’t just necessary when patients are missing teeth; they are also a type of restorative dentistry that can aid in restoring a smile. Learn why dental implants are superior to other dental replacements.

1. Looks Natural

The natural teeth are connected to your jawbone via roots. In a similar fashion, implant teeth fuse firmly with the jawbone. Your newly-created tooth (or teeth) secured with implants will function and look identical to your teeth. They will feel and function like your teeth and look completely natural. Implanted teeth last for a long time. 

It lets you take a bite, talk, and smile without worrying about your replacement teeth falling out. To gain an idea of the implant teeth price, you can ask your dentist or do a quick search on the web.

2. Prevents Bone Loss

Perhaps you aren’t aware of this, but as tooth loss occurs, we also lose bone. The bone needs to be stimulated regularly to maintain its health and ability to heal. The teeth are the source of stimulation to the jawbone. If a person loses a single tooth, the bone supporting that tooth begins to resorb. 

If left untreated, this can make your face look older than it is and raise the likelihood of suffering from jaw fractures. Implants made by facilities like Elite Dentistry can prevent the loss of bone mass by connecting with the jawbone for stability. The other types of replacement teeth do not offer this benefit. 

3. Lasts Long

Dental implants are a lasting treatment for tooth loss as they bind with the jawbone. Implants that replace teeth can last a very long time if appropriately maintained, whereas bridgework and removable dentures may require repair or replacement as time passes. This is why the option of tooth replacement is the least expensive in the long run.

4. Easy to Maintain

Denture implants in Austin require similar care to that of natural teeth. A daily brush and floss are necessary. However, like dentures, you will not need to apply lotions and glue or soak them for a long time. They won’t require fillings or root canals, like bridge teeth. Implants won’t break down, but gum disease can harm implants. Good oral hygiene, frequent dental check-ups, and cleanings are the best methods to prevent gum disease and ensure dental implants last for the rest of your life.

5. Safe for Adjacent Teeth

In contrast to other types of tooth replacement, dental implants don’t cause harm to the natural teeth situated close to the implanted tooth. The natural teeth on the opposite side of a tooth gap must support a bridge. This stresses neighboring teeth, making them more decay-prone. 

Partially, dentures depend on natural teeth to support them; they can weaken over time. Implants are replacement teeth that function in isolation from the regular teeth around them and don’t rely on the support of their surrounding teeth.